Review of Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback

The first watches of the Zenith, which was to my liking – a Flyback Rainbow. They were specially made for the USA Ministry of Defense and surprisingly looked in the 1990s. Why is the USA armed force are constantly making a new watch? Maybe these guys are just a great group of lovers of good watches.

I always wanted to see the return of the Rainbow. And now … the Stratos can now name their official heir. Continue reading “Review of Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback”

Review of Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch

After a short lull, a few years ago, the Zenith brand is back with a serious intention and the desire to make a very strong watch original style. And I must say they succeeded. In this review, consider a model of Stealth the Xtreme Defy the Zenith. Watches are produced in limited edition – only 250 pieces, and by looking at the model – Xtreme, you can really agree. Continue reading “Review of Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch”

Review of A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down

This is one of those watches, which I was very glad to see at SIHH 2012. It was presented an updated version of & and Sohne Lange and A. The Datograph, called Datograph the Up / Down The (although initially it was called in Germany Datograph AUF / AB). The original Datograph was so named because it has a large date indicator and 30-minute chronograph. For me, the combination of light silver and black colors on the dial, in addition to the symmetry of the arrangement, makes this watch delicious. A high-contrast chronograph Subdials, along with a large date display, made watches are very convenient for perception. Continue reading “Review of A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down”

The most unusual watch in the world

Watchmakers – very inventive and creative people! And below you can see evidence of this. Some models of hours listed below can be called a work of art. Of course, they are not going to wear to a business meeting or a dinner party, but every fan of watches, such dreams has in their collection. Thus, our review of the most unusual watches in the world. Continue reading “The most unusual watch in the world”

How to Configure and Connect the Smart Watches

If you are going for the first time buy a smart watch, functioning under the control of Android Wear, it is likely that the initial setting of the gadget will cause you some problems. Solve their help this manual. It is suitable for all devices endowed with Google’s operating system, whether it’s Moto 360 2, the LG Watch, Urbane or some other model.

It should be noted that the developers of Google constantly improve his creation. So do not be surprised that your watch some of the steps may differ from those listed in this medication guide. Continue reading “How to Configure and Connect the Smart Watches”

Guides on the quartz and mechanical watches

Quartz watches are called the clock, in which quartz crystals act as an oscillating system. This function is necessary for clock operation clock mechanism. This mechanism allows for longevity and accuracy.

The use of quartz crystal in the manufacture of watches, designed by specialists from the beginning of the XX century. However, despite this, this idea was realized only in 1969, and more specifically in December. The very first company that released the first quartz wristwatch is Seiko. It was from then on there is a dispute, which is a still better watch, mechanical or quartz? Continue reading “Guides on the quartz and mechanical watches”

Best Children Trackers:child safety guard

Thanks to advances in navigation technologies, child tracking becomes a trifling matter. It’s enough to get the appropriate wearable gadget that will be on the arm or in a backpack of the child.

Some trackers work on the basis of simple radio waves without using energy-intensive for GPS-Signal. Such devices will help you to quickly find your baby after you have turned away from him. Also like the device will come to the aid of a large supermarket, where the child can also suddenly go somewhere. Typically, these trackers operate via Bluetooth technology. Continue reading “Best Children Trackers:child safety guard”

11 Rules That You Must Follow to Buy Your First Watch

There are many variables to take into account before making a strong deal for a watch.
For any of us to spend in a quality watch can be a difficult and complicated business. We may not even know where to start. Continue reading “11 Rules That You Must Follow to Buy Your First Watch”


As you know we are an anniversary, we celebrated in CRISTIAN LAY 35 years to your side and we want you to have a special memory. For this, we have made the best of the gifts, just for you and in a special edition 35 anniversary, we present the Tourbillion watch.

The Tourbillion watch is presented as a limited edition, there are only 35 units coinciding with our 35th anniversary. It is a watch with steel case, leather strap, and Tourbillion mechanism. With a 3-year warranty, the Tourbillion watch has five atmospheres, luminescent hands, and sapphire crystal. Continue reading “TOURBILLON 35TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION”

The 5 Most Important Pocket Watches Of All Time

Throughout many decades watch dealers and fans of beautiful timepieces have been fascinated by the wonder of the mechanical watch- the movement that’s kept the trains running on time and helped the life—saving nurse keep time during her ward shift. Although not as frequently seen as these days as in the past, the pocket watch is making a resurgence so we thought it would be interesting to take a look into some of the most remarkable pocket watches from this century and beyond— including one of the most complex mechanical devices that have ever been made. Continue reading “The 5 Most Important Pocket Watches Of All Time”