What to wear this year: Watch trends

Before updating the watch park, you should know what is relevant to wear. The industry insiders will learn about everything new at major watch shows, such as the one recently held in Geneva. We tell that it is worth buying to those who want to be in trend and offer options from our catalog.

Japanese Orient open heart review: RA-AG0005L1

The famous watch manufacturer is famous for its quality at a reasonable price, as well as a wide range in which everyone will find something to their liking. Marche has something to offer to those who want the mechanical essence of the watch to be immediately visible. Lovers of watches with an open balance node […]

Rolex submariner black: History of the real Sub

Today we talk about the Rolex submariner black, possibly the most copied clock of all time. Very few visionaries could have foreseen the incredible scope and destiny. This new 1953 model, the Rolex Submariner, would have. Initially, it focused on extreme athletes and professionals involved in high-risk activities. It did not correspond at all with […]

Rolex gmt master ii batman review

The GMT Master BLNR has become an icon and has become quite a difficult watch to obtain as Rolex supply is always quite limited. Now you’re wondering why this black blue Gtm is called “Batman” and well. The name is due to the bezel and its double black and blue color. The bezel of this […]

Tips for Choosing a pendulum wall clock

The pendulum wall clock, also known as the “pendant”, is a favorite piece of furniture that is timeless. Such clocks look especially good in rooms where there is a place for large parts. Then the pendulum wall clock will be a great addition to the interior, which will bring comfort and peace. 

5 Beautiful best men’s watches under 300 dollars

Think classic is expensive? Prove that it is not so! There are plenty of models that can bring a certain zest to the business image of the owner without a significant impact on the budget. This is what we selected this time. Here we listed 5 best men’s watches under 300 dollars. 

Omega reintroduces the omega speedmaster calibre 321

Despite being only at the beginning of January, Omega launches one of the news of the year: the legendary Caliber 321 of the original Moonwatch returns. Surprising. The truth is that it is news that nobody, except the people of Omega involved in the omega speedmaster calibre 321 Project, knew, intuited or expected. At the […]

We must take: a mix of classics from wenger attitude heritage

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the brand for the first time in 10 years, released a mechanical watch. Yes, and limited to 500 copies. An excellent and inexpensive reason to start collecting interesting models – limited editions are always in price. Over time, these watches will cost more. Today, here we are present Wenger […]

Raymond Weil Freelancer 7730-STC-20021 Watch Review

Despite its relative youth, the watch brand Raymond Weil, created by Raymond Weil in Geneva in 1976 (at the height of the “quartz crisis”), enjoys a high reputation in the world of Haute Horlogerie. The main direction of the brand’s work is watching in the “affordable luxury” segment, and one of the main slogans is […]