Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Watch

To the great chagrin of such watch brands as Casio and Seiko, one of the most discussed and expected Japanese watches was the limited series Eco-Drive Satellite Wave from Citizen. It came out in a limited edition of 990 pieces. It rather expensive chronometer is full of design and the latest technologies. The future in […]

The ideal gift for VIP clients of the famous watchmakers

The famous watchmakers are customers VIP Luxury capitalized, with the watchmaking one of his most passionate acquisitions. The fact that shows a large number of pieces that are auctioned in the most prestigious houses around the world and that reach figures as exorbitant as the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona that has recently been purchased for […]

The best watches for dandies

This is how the most elegant pieces are, with which you will be sure in the time par excellence of gifts. These are the most elegant and sophisticated models on the market. The watches for dandies are of Swiss or French origin. But always of prestigious signatures with British tints, of revolutionary mechanics, light, and […]

Children’s clock: selection criteria

The arrangement of the children’s room is unthinkable without the purchase of wall clocks. This habitual interior accessory is important not only as a wall decoration. It will play a special role at different stages of the child’s life. In infancy, large bright clocks help in the knowledge of the surrounding world, and mothers observe the sleeping […]