Andre Belfort Terra Nova: Tradition in blue

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I recently had the opportunity to lead in a wrist Andre Belfort for barely a week (five days). Readers of this blog know by now that necessarily am not the biggest fan traditional design watches. There are some features of the watches that do not necessarily personally I like – but if the overall impression of a watch remains harmonious, is also fine for me. The Terra Nova de André Belfort is one of those cases. I could imagine taking it for much longer than a week low.

andre-belfort-terra-nova-tradition-in-blueThis is mainly because the combination of stainless steel and sphere blue I love. In Terra Nova, the figures also present in the bezel widescreen sans serif. This detail I particularly like, and that is why even its traditional leather strap I find extremely tolerable.

For me, a watch does not need to have great complications, but I am pleased that Terra Nova has, for example, a sun-moon disk. Everything points to never see me in the position of having to worry about the exact position of the moon, but the disc not only works, but also looks damn good. A resistant sapphire crystal scratch protects the dial, the disc also sun-moon also provides indicators of the date, day and month. An indicator assembly 24 full hours, and caliber atomático ETK 790 provides the right momentum.

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