Alarm clock will wake up and breakfast will cook

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All of us since infancy are surrounded by numerous hours. They are given as gifts on the birthday. As a child, we perceive the clock exclusively as a time measuring device. However, over the years, we come to the realization that the clock not only tells us what time it is. But also plays an important aesthetic role in our life. Gradually, each of us adds a special idea about the watch.

Measurement of timemeasurement of time

We know very little about the clock. So only units know the fact that the clock represents the most numerous on our planet measuring instrument. Every year more than three hundred million hours are born on Earth. In this case, the daily number of time measurements on a global scale is several tens of billions. The measurement of time is not only the most frequent measurement occurring on Earth but also the most accurate one. The error of the most accurate time measurement is only 1 • 10 -11 %, which corresponds to 1 s for 300 000 years. A very accurate measurement of time can be made with an error of only 0.02% today. Almost every person can, for such an error is observed in ordinary household clocks.

First invented clock

The first clock that the man invented were sunny and represented a simple pole stuck into the earth around which a timeline was drawn. During the day, the pole cast a shadow that moved along the timeline, indicating the time. The sundial created in the future. Only they were already wooden or stone and were on public buildings. It is curious that even a portable solar watch made of wood, ivory or bronze was invented. Outwardly, some models of such watches resembled a hamstrung with lines, and sometimes a pig’s tail was used as an arrow.

Alarm clock will wake up and breakfast will cook
Alarm clock

Obviously, the biggest drawback of the sunny clock was due to the fact that they needed the sun for their work. But the next generation of watches, a water clock, could work even in darkness. The water clock wore a special name – klepsydra and represented two communicating vessels. The longest water clock was in use in China. There they were actively used for 4,500 years. In addition, there were sand and fire watches.

The next milestone

In the development of watchmaking was the invention of Galileo Galilei. At the end of the XVI century, Galileo created the first clock in the world with a pendulum but the inventor of the alarm clock is considered to be Plato. About 2400 years ago, this ancient Greek philosopher developed a device that helps teachers convoke students to classes. In fact, the first alarm clock was a klepsydra connected to a flute used as a school bell.

The next version of the alarm clock was invented by Leonardo da Vinci. It was also a klepsydra. Instead of a flute in a clock, a mechanism was used that simply turned the bed with a sleeping person.

In 1787, the light saw the first mechanical alarm clock. The creator of the alarm clock is the Englishman Levi Hutchins. The disadvantage of the first alarm clock Hutchins was the fact that he always called at the same time, namely at four in the morning.

October 24, 1876, there was a glorious event. A patent was granted for a mechanical alarm clock, which can call at any time of day or night.

Hand Grenade Alarm Clock
Hand Grenade Alarm Clock

At the moment, the producers of alarm clocks are a huge number of companies throughout the white world. Japanese watchmakers invented an alarm clock, made in the form of a hand grenade. To silence the alarm clock, it must be thrown. The authorship of the alarm-grenade belongs to the specialists of Toyo Trading Co. The alarm costs less than twenty dollars and has the eloquent title “Hand Grenade Alarm Clock“.

Watchmakers of the United States went on a different path and created an alarm clock “Wake and Bacon”. This alarm clock will not tolerate being thrown, but it will be able to wake up its owners with the aromas of toasted bacon. The principle of “Wake and Bacon” is very simple. In the evening, you put a frozen piece of bacon into it, put out the time you need and go to sleep. On the morning of 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your climb, two halogen lamps begin to roast your bacon. Just a few minutes, and you wake up, wrapped in the scents of your already ready breakfast.

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