Why some watches are so expensive: 7 reasons for the high price

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Creation of famous watch brands perceived rather as a work of art, rather than a standard device for determining time. And for art, especially high, you have to pay. Choosing a watch for yourself or as a gift, you, for sure, though at least once over the question: Why some watches are so expensive? How is this price formed?

The algorithm is simple:
Known name + status + impeccable Swiss quality + mode of production + import fee + taxes + store-seller services = Price of wristwatches.

7 reason why some watches are so expensive

Why some watches are so expensive
Why some watches are so expensive
  • The known name means a long, eventful history of the brand, as well as unique traditions accumulated during this time. Known worldwide watch companies have proven their leadership by numerous inventions in the field of complex watches. And today, whatever hours they create, their price will be high.

The cost of such watches as Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Blancpain or Romain Jerome, Montblanc, Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil cannot be below a certain price threshold. Otherwise, the target audience will expand, and as a consequence, the brand will become cheaper.

Buying expensive watches of the famous brand, you acquire brand identity in the form of a logo that is firmly associated with certain values, status, aesthetics.

  • Status includes a completely natural craving for a man to luxury and the desire to stand out. Expensive watches cannot be attributed to the essentials. This is a status thing, possession of which is a sign of belonging to a particular social circle. And the brighter the emotions experienced from owning a cherished thing, the more people are ready to pay for it.
  • Impeccable Swiss quality. We say “the watch of a famous brand” – we mean “Swiss quality.” This characteristic has long been an integral part of wristwatches. Precision, reliability, the durability of elite Swiss watches – for these qualities many are willing to pay a high price.
  • Method of the production. The watch is one of the most important factors of pricing. Some firms annually produce a million hours, in other companies, there are several dozen masters who manually create every detail. It is logical that manual work, limited copies, various complex functions, the use of expensive materials, as well as the manufacturing caliber at times increase the cost of wristwatches.
  • Nobody canceled the import fee. It’s trivial, but the fact is: the transportation of any item from point A to point B requires certain costs, which take part in the formation of the final price.
  • Customs duties and taxes also increase the final cost. It is quite natural that the same clock will cost quite differently in the country where it produced, and in the importing country.
  • Do not forget about the services of the store-seller. Rent a trading platform and storage space, pay employees. Even such a romantic matter, like time, is prone to prosaic realities of life.

Final thought,

You can always find a model very similar to your dream clock, but with a more terrestrial price. Moreover, modern manufacturers offer a variety of options! Enjoy the hours that you dreamed of – that’s priceless! It does not matter how much they cost. It is important – how much do you assess the fulfillment of your desires. Hopefully, your confusion is apparent why some watches are so expensive.

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