11 Rules That You Must Follow to Buy Your First Watch

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There are many variables to take into account before making a strong deal for a watch.
For any of us to spend in a quality watch can be a difficult and complicated business. We may not even know where to start.

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Before you want to make this deal it would be advisable to read what three experts in the industry recommend:

1. Classic stays in style

Toby Bateman, buying director at fashion retail market, says that the first buyers should avoid anything too extravagant. “Keep it simple and timeless with a classic design, something that would look good with a suit or your weekend clothes,” he says. “If you follow this advice then you are unlikely to see that your watch ‘goes out of style.”

2. Size Matters

Ariel Adams, the founder and editor in chief of a Blog Watch, the most popular blog world clocks, follow two simple rules. The watches should not look small on the wrist, and the straps should not extend beyond the wrist. “Most people look good with a round face, and a watch between 40 and 44 millimeters wide looks good on the wrists of 95% of men,” he says.

There are some exceptions to this rule. As Bateman says, “Avoid being too large unless you are 1.90 meters tall and in proportion to your giant dolls.”

3. The iconic brands are a good first

“It’s often safe to go with a well-known brand with a lot of history,” says Adams. “The longer a brand has been making watches, the better the results will be in many cases.” At least there are 20 very reliable brands with a proven record Because of their popularity, they often prove that it is easier to repair and service them over the years.

4. Do not think of your watch as a financial deal

“You’ll never get back the money you spent,” says Andrew Block, president and CEO of the leading luxury watch consulting firm, Second Time Partners “It’s like buying a car, the minute you put it on your wrist is worthless Of what you paid. “If maintaining the value of a watch is still important to you, say that Patek Philippe and Rolex is a good choice.

5. It is worth seeing the marks on the radar

There are literally thousands of brands to choose from, so investigate. Bateman suggests those graduating to luxury consider Bremont, a British brand that is inspired by the militia, and Nomos Glashutte, a brand established in Germany that takes a boost internationally.

6. Brightness does not always justify price increases

The number one expense in watchmaking is labor. They are not the materials, neither the diamonds nor the gold. “Some watches are more brand than substance,” says Adams. “Beware of brands with inflated prices thanks to simply adding precious metals and jewelry for watches and movements that are not worth much.”

7. Do not be afraid to funky modern

Over time, buyers should feel comfortable adding new designs to their collection. From fashion watches to sports watches, every watch can increase your ‘quotient’ of style, says Block. “I believe in buying, using and returning a watch,” he says. “Doors a watch today and a morning. You can have a different watch for each occasion. It is a concept that women already understand and that men should adopt. ”

8. Pick it for yourself

A watch may not be a financial investment, but it is an emotional one. It reflects something about the person who chooses it. Because of this, it is not smart to allow a family member or friend to select the watch that you will carry for the next five to 10 years. This is an opportunity to express something about you.

9. Trust your instincts

“People tend to doubt their own taste and try to buy what they think people want to wear,” Adams says. “People should realize that their own taste is the most important and readability and comfort are the two factors more important to let them enjoy it more.”

10. Technology can create problems

Added functions, such as a second time-zone function, an annual calendar, and a chronograph, can be useful. But if you do not know what they are, you must ask yourself if you really need them. “Highly complicated mechanical clocks add value but also fragility and potential service problems,” says Adams. “Those with very complicated watches are advised to have very few to have something else to carry if they need to be repaired.”

11. Do not feel bad about rewarding yourself

Watches are practical purchases. Assuming you care, they can also last for decades and become important aspects of your personal history. “A fine clock can mean an achievement, like expanding, graduating from college, or getting your first job,” says Block. “It can mark a new stage in your life”.

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