Romain Jerome Titanic DNA T-OXY III

At the height of modern economic prosperity, the watch brand Romain Jerome was a rather strange producer. He manufactured and sold themed golf watches. But most golfers do not want to wear a wristwatch during the game. The owners of the brand asked for help from the famous designer Yvan Arpa. He eventually helped create a watch that combines several things: luxury, rarity and unavailability..

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Jacques Lemans Liverpool Wood men’s watch from the Sports collection

Jacques Lemans

The watch from the sports series JL is the original name of Liverpool Wood. What is it – a dedication to the British forests or a reference to the famous football club? The play of words gives a rich space to the imagination of its owner! Continue reading “Jacques Lemans Liverpool Wood men’s watch from the Sports collection”

Hour Horoscope 2017- Cancer and Lion


Sultry Cancers, born in the peak of the summer solstice, will be cozy and comfortable in the coming year. It may be necessary to limit the circle of communication – but next will be only those people whom you really want to see. And remember your main wisdom: back on, do not forget to move forward! Continue reading “Hour Horoscope 2017- Cancer and Lion”

Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus and Twins


Taurus is the undisputed ruler of all material things. Often in things, first of all, they see the decoration, and only then the functional object. Have you heard the expression of the Golden Taurus? So, this sign of the zodiac is really very much the given color and metal. Especially in combination with the dark and black shades of the coming year, Snakes. Continue reading “Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus and Twins”

Hour horoscope 2017- Aries

Time likes to present surprises. To be ready for unexpected twists of fate, listen to the advice of the infinitely wise universe. In the coming year, the Black Water Snake recommends the stars learn to learn from experience. The transition epoch continues and it will be comfortable only for those who are not afraid to take risks. Continue reading “Hour horoscope 2017- Aries”

Junghans Max Bill watch review

The wrist watches “Max Bill” are known to have one of the most famous designs of the 20th century. Designer and architect Max Bill in Switzerland was conceived to have the clock based on the original version of 1960. You can easily buy such watches “in pure form”, a similar move made by the German watch brand Junghans. Junghans offered a more modern, but still retro-version of these watches. There are three versions of the Max Bill model. Continue reading “Junghans Max Bill watch review”

Dievas Vintage 3646 watch

One of the last wristwatches created by the Dievas brand is the classic Vintage 3646 model. This is another model, which is based on the popular Panerai – historical watches with impeccable design. Similar classic watches are becoming more popular and in demand, and due to such issues, lovers of historical watches get additional opportunities to purchase such delightful models. Continue reading “Dievas Vintage 3646 watch”

Jorg Gray JG 6500 Review

This is probably one of the most popular hours of 2017 – even around the world. This is indicated by the fact that former US President Barack Obama himself wore them before he was elected president of the United States and wears them to this day. Obama received a watch on the forty-sixth birthday of the Secret Service, in August 2007. He was seen countless times with these wristwatches and in public places. During the conduct of state business, and during his personal time. Continue reading “Jorg Gray JG 6500 Review”

Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Limited Edition

The Oris brand has released yet another edition of limited watches for immersion. This new series of watches Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Limited Edition is offered as a collection of 2,000 copies. Diving model Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Limited Edition is made of high-grade titanium and has a width of 46 mm.

The manufacturer Oris produces some of the best watches for diving. The new model has all the features that the previous ones. Additional features include the rotation around the chronograph marking on the dial.

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Longines Master Collection Retrograde

A few years ago, the Longines brand launched its new Master Collection Retrograde watch collection. It was timed to the 175th anniversary of the brand and it showed some interesting mechanisms made specifically for Longines ETA. Two watches are offered, both made of 18-carat pink gold or stainless steel. Longines Master Collection Retrograde watches are available in sizes 41 and 44 mm wide. The models are quite versatile.

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